David Hofmeister’s Approach to the Nutraceutical Teaching Approach

David Hoffmeister is an established teacher of the meditative methods known as Neutraceutical Yoga. He was born in British Columbia and a course in miracles podcast studied at the University of British Columbia, Canada. He has been a practicing yogi for thirty-five years and is extremely popular as a speaker and teacher of meditation, energy work, and yoga. I have always been intrigued by the way his teachings evolve along with his students’ ability to bring this information into their lives.

Neutraceutical Yoga is based on the meditative techniques of Traditional Yoga. The goal of this line of practice is to foster health through physical, mental, and spiritual growth by utilizing the powers of the body, mind, and world beyond. What is fascinating to me as a teacher is how the Neutraceutical approach views the world around us. Rather than viewing health from an absolute frame of reference – which includes everything within and without – this meditative technique views health from a perspective that is flexible and accepting of all things. This is a fundamental difference in how the Neutraceutical approach views our world.

What most students do not realize is that Yoga can be practiced while living our daily lives. In fact, this very aspect of the Neutraceutical approach makes the techniques more effective because the techniques become a lifestyle rather than something that must be done only when the student feels his or her life in need of improvement. This is a very important aspect of this kind of teaching. It is what attracted me to this line of thinking and practice as a teacher.

So what makes a great teaching method? I think it’s a mix of wisdom, awareness, compassion, intensity, flexibility, creativity, humor, and love – all rolled into one big ball (the student). It is the ability to teach the Neutraceutical approach through living one’s life as well as looking at health from a flexible perspective that makes this meditative technique so unique and powerful. It is not a “one size fits all” type of teaching method – rather, it is a teaching method that is open to everyone because it recognizes that all people have different needs and wants and uses these needs and wants to support each student in achieving his or her own unique wellness goals.

Another aspect of the Neutraceutical approach to healing is that the teachings are not at all focused on the “here and now”. In fact, the teaching process does not even begin until the student has identified and reached a state of harmony with himself or herself. Once this has happened, the teacher can then help the student discover and live the path of wholeness – or as I like to call it, the path of unity. The goal of the Neutraceutical approach is to help you find your own personal wholeness, and to make the path of communication with the “self” or the “other” a positive one.

As a teacher of this innovative form of therapeutic meditation, I constantly encourage students to explore, learn, and implement the Nutraceutical way of life. The Neutraceutical approach to Holistic Healing combines the practical aspects of Neutraceutical Therapy with the highly effective method of connecting the body, the mind, and the spirit. This combination brings about a fundamental understanding of how the mind/body interact and allows students to experience the benefits of non-ordinary states of mind and health. Hofmeister’s wonderful writing and the effective methods he teaches make this meditative technique and life-altering system a very attractive tool for students who are on the path to health and wholeness.

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