How to Download Videos on to Your iPod

An iPod is designed to provide portable entertainment. As such, ignorance of how to download videos on to your iPod completely defeats its purpose; unless, you only want the thing to be just another relatively useless status symbol, then that is fine, too. However, if you truly want to maximize the audio and video capabilities of your iPod, learning how to download videos on to your iPod is the most logical thing to do.

There are basically just three things you need in understanding how to download videos on to your iPod – a reliable and preferably fast Internet connection, a personal computer with Windows XP application, and iPod with video capacity, usually a fifth generation iPod. Add in good taste in videos (unless you want porn and other gory stuff, it is your choice), and a good dose of common sense in following instructions, you are ready to appreciate the subtleties of how to download videos on to your iPod.

This article assumes that you have the common sense to subscribe to a legitimate online provider of iPod downloads. The need for caution in downloading free videos, and with it free viruses, spyware, adware, malware and worms, cannot be download video bokep overly emphasized especially as iPods do not come for free. Though you will have to pay a subscription fee, this usually is well worth the money if only for the advantage that you are spared the trouble of computer pests. First, secure an online account with an iPod downloads provider, which in this article, would have to be the more popular iTunes. The iTunes Version 6 application and the iPod software should be installed; usually the latter comes with your iPod package.

Browse through the mammoth selection of videos and movies available on the iTunes Store and click on your preferred video. Click the “Video iPod/Sony PSP” tab and then select “Download.” The video will then be saved on your personal computer by selecting a destination and title for the file. You can confirm your purchase of the video by clicking on “Movies” under “Library,” or alternatively, under the “Purchased” tab in “Store.”

You are now halfway towards learning how to download videos on to your iPod. The third step involves connecting your iPod to your computer. Launch the iTunes program; add the computer downloaded video to the collection, and then select on “Add File to the Library” and click the “Open” tab. The next step is to copy the movie to your iPod, which you can do by going to “Preferences” under the “Edit” menu. Click “iPod”, then “Videos” and “Update all Videos Automatically” Just select the “OK” tab and wait for the update to finish. To view the full-length video on your iPod, select “Videos” and “Movies,” and you are all set to enjoy your favorite videos in the palm of your hand.

There are many download sites that can teach you how to download videos on to your iPod including The Movie Downloads.

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