How to Dye Fabric Using a Washing Machine

Washing machines are appliances that can make cleaning clothes much easier for us. Ever since their advent, this has become an indispensable part of our household. But this is not only used Optical fiber coloring machine for washing clothes, you can also use this for dyeing clothes.

Some clothes business will require a spark of creativity and that might involve dyeing the fabric you are using. One of the best ways to do that is through immersion dyeing wherein you will need loads of water so the fabric is soaked completely. But it might be difficult if you are doing it manually since you should be carrying loads of water with you and soaking everything there. So another option is through the use of a washer.

Step 1: Choose your dye first. There are specific dyes for specific fabrics. If your fabric is made up of cotton, rayon or linen, you might want to go for fiber reactive types. This works well even if you are only using cool water. Also, it gives off a brighter hue to the end result. For nylon, wool and other type of fabric especially those from animal fibers, you should choose acid dye as this works well in hot tap water.

Step 2: You might be wondering what type of washing machine is better. A top loader is better in the sense that you can open up the drum door and just include last minute fabric or dye in it. The front loader, with its tumbling action, yields to more even colors and lesser water consumption.

Step 3: Run an empty water cycle. The temperature depends on what fabric you are using. After that, add salt in order to remove the dye from the solution and help it penetrate to the fabric. For every 1 liter of water, you need about 4 cups of salt.

Step 4: Dissolve dye first and then put your clothes in. Allow it to swirl. Baby sit your washer because it needs more than one swirling cycle to fully render the color into your clothes. If it stops, reset the cycle again to the tumbling or washing cycle. You might also want to use the slowest cycle if your washer has one.

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