Natural Skincare Products Is Better Than Cleaning Tools For Your Skin

You may own the best skincare products on the planet, but if you are applying them at the wrong ratio, you may be wasting your money and time without seeing the benefits you desire! This article will teach you why the order of skincare products matter. First, keep in mind that the skin is made up of the epidermis and dermis – these two layers of skin are tightly connected to one another, and any damage to one layer can negatively affect the other. Therefore, it is important to use skincare products according to the kind of skin you have.

Now, let’s discuss the four different skin types. To start with, there are four basic skin types which include sensitive, dry, oily and combination. All four share some common features, which include loss of moisture in their epidermis, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, skin sensitivity to the sun’s UV rays, and the presence of some form of bacteria or fungal infection. For each of these skin types, there are specific skincare products available for addressing their specific issues.

For those people who suffer from combination skin types, they typically have normal to oily skin and they usually do not have problems with excess sebum production. For this group of people, a good choice would be to choose products that have ingredients such as glycerin, cocoa butter, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E. Hyaluronic acid is very effective in restoring lost collagen moisture and it also creates a faint, silky finish which smoothes the wrinkles and fine lines. And, vitamin E has been shown to be soothing and is an excellent moisturizer.

Another key ingredient in a good cleansing and moisturizing skincare routine is the plant-based alcohols, which work in two ways. First, they create an evaporative cooling effect that draws moisture in, so the skin does not become too wet. Second, they eliminate the surface oils, which can be a source of clogging. Regardless of what type of skin types you have, it is important that you choose a gentle, fragrance-free cleansing cleanser and a moisturizing, oil-free moisturizer to complete your skincare routine.

Some of the best all-natural, plant-based ingredients for cleansing and treating acne include witch hazel, tea tree oil, and neem oil. Neem oil is one of the strongest healing agents available for reducing inflammation and soothing redness caused by acne. And tea tree oil has been used in skincare for many years, because of its effectiveness in killing bacteria and soothing irritated skin. To add to the effectiveness of these two healing ingredients, they can be applied to the skin directly for immediate relief. And, for people who prefer a soothing, exfoliating ingredient to get rid of dead skin cells, baking soda can also be added to the formula, as long as it is in a mild form.

There are some great all natural, plant based ingredients for cleansing and exfoliation that do not contain drying alcohols or irritating fragrances. For example, kaolin clay is a gentle, absorbent ingredient that removes makeup and dirt, without causing any luster to break out. It is gentle enough to use on the delicate facial skin, and it leaves a translucent, clean-looking finish. And, because it is also very translucent, it can even be worn under make-up for extra evenness and natural glow.

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