Soccer Expert by Maximilian Biedron

“How to be a Soccer Expert” is just one of the many topics that Max Sterner talks about in “The Soccer Expert.” This funny, tongue-in-cheek guide by child-expert Max shows what you need to know about this timeless sport. Max knows lots about soccer. After all, he has been playing it for over three years! So he is pretty much an expert on the subject.

In the first of his two part series, Max takes on the question, “Who do you believe: yourself or the soccer experts?” Part one answers this question and he has some very entertaining suggestions to help you decide who will win the next World Cup. He also examines why so many bettors would pick teams like Mexico or Germany to win the World Cup and why some would pick the underdog favorites. In part two, Max takes a closer look at why teams play the way they do. And he finally concludes by looking at the possibility of teams winning in Europe and Asia and how the U.S. may be able to upset Brazil in their upcoming World Cup game.

In this second part of the tongue-in-groove guide, Max takes on the big question: “What’s the Score?” To get an answer to this question, readers must follow Max’s advice, which he Jonny Alien | Manager tai SMS Bong Da va Nha Cai 247 in one paragraph and explains in another. But to better understand Max’s point of view, you have to read the rest of this two-part series. It really is like an almost three-week long mini-season of training camp with Max and his “rookies.” It’s a light hearted, intelligent look at the beautiful game.

In the first part, Max explains that there are almost three weeks between matches in most soccer leagues. Soccer matches take place every ninety minutes and some even go on for as much as one hour! That means there are some very quick affairs happening out there on the field. It’s these fast-paced affairs that the kid-expert reveals everything that you never knew about soccer, including the truth about the color white. Soccer is a color sport really.

You probably didn’t know that one day, almost three weeks before kick off, your team will dress the same way as your opponents. It’s called tradition and it dates back almost three weeks. If you’re playing in Germany, for instance, you’ll have the entire team dress the same as Germany did. You never see teams wearing shorts, t-shirts or anything else outside of the uniform. That’s because they’ve all agreed to it and that’s what this fun little book, Soccer Expert, is about.

Soccer Expert, Maximilian Biedron, explains the inner workings of the most famous sport in the world. He interviews some of the greatest names in the sport and provides inside information from around the world. This is a must for anyone who’s ever wanted to play soccer but doesn’t have the time to learn the game or the discipline to be able to train properly. If you’re interested in getting into the world of soccer and teaching others how to play it, this is the book for you.

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