Warrock Clans and Game Play

The Warrocks game can be downloaded for free from a number of websites across the internet but is attributed to Valorant Cheats Gamersfirst Company and part of the k2 networks allowing players to join and play via Xbox and live accounts.

It is an online multiplayer game which allows players to take the role of armed forces with a choice and selection from a number of character classes, such as Engineer, Medic, Sniper etc.

For me and many other gamers what makes Warrocks one of the best free fps shooter games is the ability to fly around in aircraft, man boats and ships and drive armoured vehicles across some well designed terrain on some rather large maps. Gamers will find plenty of action as two teams will compete to hold key positions on the map keeping their teams flag high. Gamers will find the best games and action to be had after joining a Warrock Clan as working together as a team are key elements to winning the match in this FPS Shooter game.

This team effort you will find can be quite hard to come by in games out side of a clan and many games are pretty much every man for himself. It would not be unusual for another player on the same team to drive straight passed you instead of picking you up while you are running in the desert after your tank has been blown up or something similar.

There is a Warrock clan option in the games menu but unfortunately this area is for paying players only which I am sure you will agree is quite understandable to keep this fantastic action game free. However this does not stop you joining or creating a clan it just will not be classed as official and your clan will not be on the official leader board either, I guess starting your own would take a bit of organising.

Warrock Hacks

Another reason apart from the great team work you may want to think about getting your self a warrock clan official or not is like with most online multiplayer games it has people cheating and playing with hacked characters to gain an advantage over others in some of the games.

This is not too much of an issue as there is a state of the art kicking and voting system to get the cheating players removed from the game session, this does not always work as some players are wise to this. Sneaky cheating players which are not allowed in Warrock clans will choose the sniper character and hide somewhere completely ridiculous out of sight shooting at any body within their range, this way it is quite hard to detect foul play and an aimbot while they up their score and rank at your expense.

However you choose to play this FPS Shooter online multiplayer game, whether it is in a Warrock Clan, with friends on a Saturday night or going solo when you have nothing better to do there is one thing for sure, you are in for one action packed gaming evening piloting fighter planes and driving armoured tanks. Have fun and enjoy!

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