What Is A Dental Clinic?

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Dental care, also called dental surgery and dental medicine, is an academic branch of medicine which includes the study, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and even cure of dental disorders, diseases, and abnormalities of the teeth. It is also called the allied health profession or the allied medical discipline. The field of dental medicine covers almost all diseases of the maxillofacial region, including dental plaque, calculus of periodontal disease, dental implants, facial bone structure, oral surgery, dental pathology, dental physiology and dental surgery. Apart from these disciplines, it also encompasses the medical specialties of periodontics, dia chi boc rang su tai tphcm orthopedics, otolaryngology, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, pediatric dentistry, plastic surgery, speech pathology, dental surgery, oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, rheumatology, gastroenterology, immunology, gastroenterology, pediatrics, neurology and psychology.

The dental clinics provide the required facilities to the patients who require full-time dentists. Patients can get treatment for common mental disorders like gingivitis, periodontitis, gum disease, periodontal pockets and abscess, etc. Some dental clinics also provide treatments like 3d tooth crowns, porcelain veneers, porcelain inlays, dental bridges, veneers, teeth whitening, gum surgeries, dental implants, orthodontics, bonding, jaw reconstruction, bleaching, dental implants, laser dentistry, teeth whitening, dental veneers and more. In addition, such dental clinics give treatment to patients with no prior dental history like congenital heart defects, congenital anomalies, missing teeth or malocclusion.

In a dental clinic, a well qualified and experienced dentist performs dental procedures. The dentist performs dental procedures based on the condition of the patient and age. Before a patient steps into a dental office, he/she is required to undergo some dental tests. These tests help in evaluating the condition of a patient and the kind of treatment that he requires. Based on the evaluation, the dentist provides the appropriate treatment.

A dental clinic offers a whole range of services for all kinds of dental conditions. Depending on the needs of a patient, the dentist performs dental procedures that include routine care treatments and advanced cosmetic treatments. At a dental office, the dental team includes an On-staff Dentist, a Dental Assistant, Dental Therapist, a dental laboratory technician, a dental laboratory operator, a dental assistant, a dental receptionist and other dental professionals.

A reception area is generally present at any dental clinic. The reception area provides an opportunity to the patients to register for services. The registration process is usually done through an automatic system. When a patient visits the dental clinic, he/she will be required to fill out a registration form. The details of the patient and his contact information are entered into the database of the clinic.

Dental clinics maintain patient records in the patient records database. The details of these records include the complete medical history of a patient, the dental history, surgical and other treatments administered to the patient, the dental x-rays and results of such x-rays, etc. The database stores the complete data of a patient and can be accessed by a dental surgeon, a psychiatrist or a dentist. Any information found in the patient records after a check up or when a patient enters a dental clinic can be referred to any of these concerned individuals for follow up.

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