Why People Love Toyota Innova?

Toyota Innova is the leading model in its segment. Manufactured by one of the leading car production corporations in the world, Toyota Innova possesses many excellent features with world-class safety, advanced styling, and solid Spesifikasi kijang innova. If you want a first class car for any driving purpose then Toyota Innova is definitely the perfect choice.

Innova is equipped with VVT-I engine or D4Ddiesel. Both kinds of engines offer matchless performance capacity. Specifically the diesel engine has the power of common-rail technology which has superior performance and extremely energy efficiency.

Toyota Innova is the leading car in safety technology. A typical Toyota Innovahas SRS airbags, large disk brakes, high rigidity frame, Global Outstanding Assessment body, and collapsible steering column. With this modern, comfortable and nicely refined MPV (Multi-Purpose-Vehicle), Toyota Innova promises to continue its leading role in the forth coming years.

Interior space and comfort are by far the leading in the world of world-class cars. The Innova offers a feeling of far more spacious than any other models. The middle row is designed to be quite high off the floor, leaving space for comfortable sitting. Maybe you may find it not as comfy as the Safari’s middle row seats; the Innova still has lots of legroom and space for the central passengers.

The rear seats are designed to be flexible and comfortable. The rear seats are designed for two passengers with a single-piece bench. Toyota Innova is certified as an eight-seater.

The most attractive features Toyota Innova offers its users are its builds, turnout, and mechanical hardware as well as the flexible nature of the seating system, spacious room in the cabin, and the high comfort and luxury level one cannot find in any other similar vehicle of its kind.

The Innova is easy to drive despite its large size. From the driver’s seat, you have a broad and commanding view of your surroundings via the spacious glass. The 2.0 leter engine works well with 4-speed gearbox to help move a body of 1.5 tons without much fuss. The Innova can reach a speed of 160 kilometers per hour if given a long enough road. Although Innova is not designed to participate in any rally driving, the Innova still offers great speed acceleration. The large disk brakes ensure that you have total control over your Innova’s movement. Once you stomp on the brake, the car stop moving in a matter of seconds.

The fuel cost you have to pay is also very minimal compared to other vehicles. In fact, Innova is considered to be among the most fuel efficient cars in the world.

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